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Squeeze More Value From Your Next IT Contract

Define your expectations...get them met

Are you able to make the best deal possible, setting good precedents to manage future partnered projects in the most cost-effective way? Have you clearly determined your negotiating position with your technology supplier? If your key IT supplier disappeared tomorrow, would you still be able to deliver value to your clients?

Are your vendor relationships working hard for you, or are you leaving money on the table for them?

IT vendors promise the moon and are rarely held accountable on those promises after the deal is signed. If your ability to deliver value to your clients rests on third-party IT relationships, you cannot afford to be vulnerable here. Liz can bring the expertise and insight you need to review the contract from the perspective of YOUR technology return on investment (ROI).

Once a deal is in place, Liz can design or recommend custom benchmarking/monitoring tools to keep technology spending in check.

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