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Here are a few LizWorks clients. Confidentiality agreements prevent the publication of a full list of clientele. Specific contact information for references is available upon request.

Clients With Projects Designed/Supervised By Liz Through Centennial's Capstone Courses:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • CIBC
  • Cisco
  • Compaq/HP
  • IBM
  • Metroland Newspapers
  • McDougall Scientific
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • ALS Society of Canada
  • Privatech
  • TTC/Wheel-Trans


Recognizing an area for improvement in how we conduct business, we invited Liz Clarke in to provide basic training around the discipline of Project Management to our Account teams and Digital staff. Liz not only delivered on the training elements but in the process assisted in optimizing our existing workflow systems. She worked closely with management to develop the training materials, making sure they not only reflected our industry but were customized to our existing workflow. Liz tailored her workshops to engage all levels of ability from first time project managers to veterans with all stages in between. Feedback on the sessions was great and most importantly, her insights and methods are being used by our staff. I wouldn't hesitate to bring her back, and I have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending her!

Jeff Plotnikoff
Human Resources
Armstrong Partnership LP

Liz, you were very helpful in the RFP process of our website redevelopment project and with the preliminary meetings with the proponents. Your technical knowledge was invaluable, and in the end, you helped us choose the right website development company for our project.

Grace Elasmar
Communications Specialist - Spécialiste de communication
Canadian Urban Transit Association
Association canadienne du transport urbain

We engaged Liz Clarke to prepare a strategic assessment and recommendation report related to an outsourced IT service. Her report met all of our requirements, was completed in a very timely manner, and was actionable immediately upon its completion. Liz was a pleasure to work with and I would certainly summarize her project with us as a success!

David Sutton
Director, IT
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)

Liz was enormously helpful with helping us to focus on the specifics of our goals and how to achieve them. She was fast, efficient and a great listener and interpreter - we would not hesitate to engage her services again!

Angela Donnelly & JJ Sheppard
Front Door Organics

It is my pleasure to recognize Liz Clarke for her talents in public speaking and workshop development and presentations.

I attended several of Liz's presentations in a wide variety of business and public forums. Liz has a clear, direct presentation style and the ability to adapt her presentations to specific audiences, thus enabling them to understand even the most complex topics. I and other members of the audiences enjoyed her presentations and felt that Liz had provided us with valuable knowledge and interesting perspectives. (Read full endorsement here.)

Carolyn Swadron
Senior Manager, Internet Channel Quality Assurance
eChannels, Retail Markets, CIBC

I am writing in regards to Centennial College's Capstone project and my experience working with the students and their faculty advisor, Liz Clarke.

It was a challenging experience. I had an initial meeting with the students and thought that they understood what we were looking for. I then received their project proposal and was very concerned about the direction that they were going and that they had not understood our requirements from the first meeting. I discussed my concerns with Liz.

We had our final meeting today and I was not expecting very much from the students. Well, I was shocked. They did an amazing presentation. They got it. I know that Liz must have worked very hard with the students to explain to them how to remedy their proposal. Their presentation was professional and they had some good ideas that we will be incorporating into our web site immediately.

I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to work with Liz and the students and that I am looking forward to working with a second Capstone team in the New Year.

Bobbi Greenberg
Director of Communications
ALS Society of Canada

It is such a great pleasure to receive e-mails such as the one from Bobbi Greenberg at ALS. Many of our students do need the extra support and teachers such as you make the difference in their lives and the reputation of our college. Thank you so very much, Liz.

Vicki Bismilla
Vice-President Academic and Chief Learning Officer
Centennial College

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