Let me help you express yourself. On paper. Online. To an audience. To your boss. To your future boss. Let a fresh pair of eyes review your project portfolio for efficiencies to be gained, or gaps to be closed. Does your team need a productivity booster shot? Are you getting the best ROI from your tech suppliers? Bring in a fresh face to run critical planning sessions! Three things to think about... Let's start at the very beginning... All about Liz that is fit to print. Here are a few... People and Places. Fundraising - concerts, theatre, events.

Do you need me?

When I get a call or an inquiry from a potential client, I usually hear that one of their tech-related projects has gone well off track, or that the objectives no longer seem to match their organizational strategy.

In highly charged environments, original project design - that dizzying combination of goals, resources, budgets, skills, external vendors, infrastructure and so much more - can be quickly out-paced by urgent organizational needs. In other words, what you asked for a few months ago may not be what you need today.

Preserving your return on investment (ROI) gets very tricky when projects shift like this, and it is often useful - essential, I would suggest - that a fresh pair of eyes take an expert look at where your project portfolio is going and where it needs to go.

Whether your projects are moving from A to B, or A to K, or Z ... I believe I can help you make even the bumpiest transitions run more smoothly by designing the tools, tactics and strategies you need.

My clients flow from a wide range of industries, both for-profit and not-for-profit. I have made a difference at large, complex organizations and small, entrepreneurial companies. So please don't hesitate to call or e-mail to discuss your organization or to book a no-charge preliminary meeting.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Pam Sloan Designs