Let me help you express yourself. On paper. Online. To an audience. To your boss. To your future boss. Let a fresh pair of eyes review your project portfolio for efficiencies to be gained, or gaps to be closed. Does your team need a productivity booster shot? Are you getting the best ROI from your tech suppliers? Bring in a fresh face to run critical planning sessions! Three things to think about... Let's start at the very beginning... All about Liz that is fit to print. Here are a few... People and Places. Fundraising - concerts, theatre, events.

Does Your Project Need a Booster Shot?

Have your deadlines shifted? Priorities changed? If so, your team may no longer be in sync and moving towards the same outcome at the same pace. Bringing Liz in as part of your change management strategy could save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and missed deadlines.

Sample Sessions:

  • Project Tune-Up: Meet with project leaders to review team performance; provide guidance on revising or re-negotiating team and project structure, deliverables, vendor negotiations.

  • Re-Group: Meet with owner/senior managers to review management issues related to productivity, technology implementation strategy, and tools for improving performance.

  • Team Tune-Up: Facilitate group productivity through a team workshop tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Sessions may include structured techniques such as Green-Lighting or SWOT analysis...or, tackle mission-critical issues in your organization by upgrading to a fully custom-designed workshop.

Liz will work with you to organize an agenda that connects to your current requirements. Participants should finish each session with concrete strategies and/or tools to re-gain forward motion.

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